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adoption process.pngThe process of reviewing applications may take two or three days. A phone interview and home visit must also take place before an adoption is completed. We can not guarantee that the dog that you are interested in will still be available after your application has been reviewed and processed.

Click on a dog's name for more information and to see their "poop sheets"

So you want to adopt a lab or lab mix?

We are so happy you found us! We would like you to first research the breed (for great breed information follow these links The Labrador Retriever, LabsChildren & Dogs). It is very important to read others' experiences with labs and rescued dogs in general. Rescuing a dog or a puppy can be very rewarding, especially if you are taking them out of a bad situation and giving them the greatest life a dog could ever imagine. Congrats, you have made the right choice in adopting a rescue dog. They need more people like you!!

The adoption process is as follows and can take up to one or two weeks to complete. 

Step 1: fill out an application.

Step 2: Phone Interview & Discussion about dogs you are interested in. 

Step 3: Home Visit. 

Step 4: Bring a doggie home!

Our adoption fees are:


Under 12 months

12 months – 6 years

7 years – senior

All rescued dogs- Labs and Lab mixes

 $300   $275

All adoption fees are pooled to provide medical care for all of our dogs. Except in special cases, all of our Labs are spayed/neutered and vaccinated before going to their new homes.

  • If the puppy is too young to be altered you will be required to sign a contract that you will spay or neuter when age appropriate, 5-6 months.  There is an $100 refundable required deposit in addition to the adoption fee in this case.  The $100 is refunded upon proof of neuter/spay or once completed at our vet's clinic.
  • These costs cover spaying/neutering, vet care, bringing shots up to date, boarding and foster expenses and in some cases transport, any additional money not used will go back into our rescue allowing us to help more and more dogs and to treat the dogs with medical conditions.
  • As these prices do not always cover all of their expenses any additional donation over and beyond the adoption fee is much appreciated!  
  • It is the rescue's mission and policy to have all puppies spayed and neutered when age appropriate and we will personally contact you when the puppy is of that age and give you the option to take the puppy to our vet to have this done at no additional expense.

Our dogs will have the following:

  • a physical exam
  • Neutered or Spayed
  • Age appropriate shots brought up to date 
  • Heartworm checked
  • Dewormed for parasite (when appropriate)
  • Collar and tag
  • Microchipped

New Owner is responsible for

  • Any puppy adopted out will need to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate time (You will be required to sign a contract stating that you will do that when apropriate)
  • Any and all other health problems with the dog after the adoption contract is signed stating the adoption process is complete.   This includes, but not limited to problems with their hips.  If we are aware of hip or knee issues when they come to us, we will either perform necessary treatment for the dog or disclose any orthopedic problems to the new adopter.  If the dog has mild hip dysplasia and is not in need of any surgery at the time of adoption it will be the new owners responsibility to prepare and care for this at a later date.  We will discuss a reduced adoption fee if this is necessary.
  • A name tag which you will need to remember to update upon moving
  • Good nutrition preferably from high end feed stores and pet stores: We recommend Canidae for an affordable quality alternative to commercial dog food
  • Lots of quality exercise, if you are getting a lab they need exercise!
  • Most importantly! Lots and lots of love and attention!!!!!!!!